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Relocation and Resettlement

Studies show that the most successful resettlement occurs when language needs and cultural awareness are addressed, alongside practical assistance with housing, schools etc.
Made to Measure English  will help your family settle into UK life by supporting all your English needs, whether academic or practical. We believe that every client is unique and we respond quickly to requests, including:

  • Personalised English tuition and mentoring for individuals or families relocating to UK. Delivery is customised, with support and/or mentoring based on individual need and request. We provide the unique support that you need.


  • Understanding UK education systems and expectations. We have extensive experience of Bristol schools, colleges and universities.


  • Academic support, mentoring and confidence building for school, college or university.  Applying for appropriate recreational or vocational courses. Preparation & support for study, at school, college or university, including English Language development, study skills, confidence building, proof reading and revision.


  • Everyday English for communication and speedy integration. This includes speaking/ listening/ reading and writing, according to your needs. We offer practise using social language for socialising, shopping, communicating with GP / school / utility providers etc.

  • Preparation for work; from job search & application to support in role. *See Employment Search.


  • Understanding Business English makes the transition into a new job, and unfamiliar culture easier. Mastering vocational language, useful words and phrases, communication, culture and custom will help you feel more confident at work.


  • Family Support for the whole family during and beyond the difficult transition period.  Whether you need support understanding and completing formal documents, dealing with school correspondence or simply connecting with like-minded people, we’ll do our best to make it happen!


  • British Citizenship Test revision and practice.

Made to Measure English | Tutor in Bristol
Made to Measure English | Tutor in Bristol
Business English


Ease the transition into a new job, and unfamiliar culture by mastering:

  • Vocational language

  • Useful words and phrases

  • Communication and custom

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